A change has come in the hard drive industry. As storage densities increased dramatically over the years, one of the most elemental aspects of hard drive design, the logical block format size know as a sector, had remained constant.

Aroundhard drive companies began migrating away from the legacy sector size of bytes to a larger, more efficient sector size of bytes, generally referred to as 4K sectors and now referred to as the Advanced Format by IDEMA The International Disk Drive Equipment and Materials Association. This paper provides the context for this migration, as well as pointing out the long-term benefits to customers and potential pitfalls to be avoided in the move from bytes to 4K sectors.

For over 30 years, data stored on hard drives has been formatted into small logical blocks called sectors, with a legacy sector size of bytes. Many aspects of modern computer systems still have design assumptions based on this format standard. Figure 1. This low-level format served the industry well for many years. However, as hard drive capacities increased, sector size increasingly became a limiting design element in improving hard drive capacities and error correction efficiency.

For example, comparing the sector size to the total capacity of earlier to more recent hard drives, you can see that the sector resolution has become extremely small. The resolution of the sector the ratio of sectors as a percent of total storage has become very fine and increasingly inefficient Table 1.

Very fine resolution is good when managing small, discrete amounts of data. However, applications common in modern computing systems manage data in large blocks, much larger in fact than the legacy byte sector size. More importantly, the small byte sector has consumed a smaller and smaller amount of space on the hard drive surface as areal densities have increased. This is a problem in the context of error correction and the risk of media defects. In Figure 2, for example, the data in a hard drive sector is consuming smaller areas, making error correction more challenging because media defects of the same size can damage a higher percentage of the total data payload and, therefore, require more error correction strength.

Figure 2. Media Defects and Areal Density. A byte sector can typically correct a defect of up to 50 bytes in length. Consequently, the migration to larger sectors within the hard drive industry is a fundamental need relative to gaining improvements in error correction and achieving format efficiencies.

The storage industry has been planning the transition to larger sector hard drive formats for years; significant work at Seagate and with our peers in the hard drive industry dates back to Figure 3.

In addition, all hard drive manufacturers committed to shipping new hard drive platforms for desktop and notebook products with the Advanced Format sector formatting beginning in January of Even before that date, Advanced Format drives began to enter the market.

Seagate first shipped large sector drives to OEM customers and in branded retail products. Figure 3. As all hard drive manufacturers agreed to transition to the Advanced Format sector design by Januarythe industry has adapted to and embraced this change to minimize potential negative side effects. While short-term benefits to end users are not dramatic in terms of immediate capacity increases, the migration to 4K-sized sectors have most definitely provided quicker paths to higher areal densities and hard drive capacities, as well as more robust error correction.

Improved format efficiency by reducing the amount of space used for error correction code. In Figure 4, the legacy byte sector layout is shown, where each byte sector has non-data-related overhead of 50 bytes for ECC and another 15 bytes for the Gap, Sync, and Address Mark sections.

Figure 4. Legacy Byte Sector Layout. The new Advanced Format standard makes the move to a 4K-byte sector, which essentially combines eight legacy byte sectors into a single 4K-byte sector Figure 5. Figure 5. Over time, these format efficiencies pay off, helping to yield higher capacity points while also improving data integrity.


While the physical size of the sectors on hard drives has shrunk, taking up smaller and smaller amounts of space, media defects have not. Consider Figure 6, which displays images of what we would consider very small objects. Microscopic particles much smaller than those in this diagram can create media defects on a hard drive.

Figure 6. The larger 4K sector in the Advanced Format standard approximately doubles 2 the size of the ECC block from 50 bytes to bytes, providing a much needed improvement in error correction efficiency and robustness against particles and media defects.Search Help.

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4k utility

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4k utility

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4k utility

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