Due to the broken nature of fishing and the vastness of the water area I wanted to create a thread that would make an easy reference of where you can catch certain fish. This is sort of a companion to another thread which documents all the broken fishing quests that call for one fish but really need another thread can be found here: Quests With Wrong Information.

Since the locations can often also be incorrect on the quest you can waste a lot of time fishing at the indicated location and never get the right fish. So this will just be an ongoing collection of screenshots with my fishing location on the map and what fish I caught there. I will continue to add more fish to that location as I find them.

If you catch a fish not listed at one of these locations please post and I will include it in the list. Others that want to post their own locations are welcomed to do so. Maybe we can get a more exhaustive reference of fish locations if enough people contribute. There also seems to be a distinction between being on a boat and on the shore with regard to what you can catch in the same location so I will indicate boat or shore for clarity. Fishing Spot 3 — North of Velia boat — this was not a great spot for anything other than fish bones tbh.

NPC gives several quests and I caught most of the fish in this spot. When I first started, I caught regular Tuna but I forget where. Is there such a place??? Also, I was told about amberjack and crab markers. Where are they exactly. Fishing spot 1 is incorrect. Also, none of the fish say they are from cron castle from within the red circle in the screen shot. The only fish that say cron castle, are the ones under the bridge none of which are on that list.

Hey, thanks for these precious tips! April 3, at pm. Vardahoth says:. July 22, at pm. Sinsear says:. May 22, at pm. Sam says:. April 18, at am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Website. Featured Cosplay Hestia Cosplay and More.A fence is a wooden structure that is installed by a player to create a garden for farming. The contribution points are refunded when the fence is returned to the NPC. Some crops require more than 1 crop space.

For example, Grape Seeds require 2 spaces, meaning a maximum of 5 grape seeds can be planted inside a Strong fence. A player may have a maximum of 10 fences installed in the world at any one time. NPCs will only rent 1 fence at a time. To rent further fences from the same NPC the player must remove the first from their inventory, by installing it on the land for use or by placing it into storage.

black desert online file location

Once it has been removed from the player's inventory, the NPC will offer to rent another fence. Apart from the usual weight constraints, there is no limit to how many fences a player may carry in their inventory. When returning fences, there is no limit to how many are carried in the player's inventory and the NPC will accept them all back.

A fence may be returned to any NPC who offers them for rent, irrespective of which NPC the player originally rented it from. Fences cannot be installed in a town, city or safe zone. After moving to the desired area the fence is installed by right clicking its icon in the inventory.

This opens a new view with the area around the player marked out with red and blue pegs. Using the mouse to move the fence around these pegs, the player aligns it centrally over a blue peg until a blue circle appears showing that the fence can be placed in this spot. Gardens are instanced, so a player can install a fence over a garden belonging to another player but not over their own existing gardens.

After the fence is installed, it can be interacted with using R or uninstalled using F5. Using R will open the Crop management view, showing the available spaces for planting, and any seeds currently held in the inventory. When placing multiple fences, players should consider positioning them adjacent to each other to allow for simultaneous watering and fertilizing of several gardens. The use of water and fertilizer radiates from the player's position so doing this where fences meet results in the effect applying to multiple gardens from one application.

black desert online file location

After installation, a fence has a duration of 7 days. Planting seeds or livestock halts and resets the duration countdown until the crops have been harvested. After 7 days of continuous inactivity the fence is automatically dismantled and deposited in the nearest storage.

When a player has installed a garden a new symbol is added to the main UI. Clicking this will open a menu listing all gardens and their locations. By clicking the List option, a worker can be allocated to manage the crops in a garden, carrying out pruning and pest control. The menu will also allow players to check the growth status of the crops, the remaining duration for inactive gardens, and offer an option to autopath to the selected garden.In Black Desert Onlinemore space in your storage means more wealth.

In my year or so of playing, I've had to sacrifice and sell a lot of things that I'd love to have kept just to maximize on storage space efficiency. Being a hoarder is not something that's entirely possible in this MMO. Fortunately, there are several ways to increase your storage limits.

The most common and simple way is by using Contribution Points to invest in housing in the city whose respective storage you're trying to increase. Housing that provides storage will increase the maximum amount of storage slots by an associated CP cost. However, the cost-to-space ratio isn't universal. That means that you're going to have to do some comparison shopping when you look for the most optimal storage. I've done that for you, and in this guide I'll show you the best values for storage in BDO.

But if you're looking for the best values for housing, we have check out our guide to the most efficient lodging locations in Black Desert Online as well. Velia is scarce when it comes to housing, and house is definitely the best value for storage here. However, you have to consider that this house is also a very good buy for lodging giving 2 space for 1 CP.

All of the houses on block 1 are actually quite efficient for storagewith and both giving 3 space for 1 CP.

Black Desert Database 2.0

Houses, and also give 3 space for 1 CP. All of the aforementioned houses have no prerequisites, which is a big plus. The most efficient cumulative storage is right outside of Velia at Toscani Farm.

There, houses and combine for 3. The best storage housing package in Velia is to grab these three. This will give you a total of 25 space for 7 CP, which is over 3. Heidel is most players' home city, and for good reason considering the amount of valuable storage space you can find here.

I recommend picking up every house on block 4 except This is some of the most efficient storage in the game. This is the first cluster of storage on block 4.

Something to note here is that you don't have to buy The real prize here isand the prerequisite to it is However, I recommend you scoop up Skipping out onmove into the cluster of houses on for you an even better value of 4 space per CP for a total of 8.

Houses U, and Be advised that However, if all you're after is storage then this entire cluster is a nice package. Calpheon is absolutely massive and finding the best CP efficiency here is really difficult, but I've done the hard work for you! Nearly everything in Calpheon involves a cluster of buys through prerequisitesexcept the houses just outside of Calpheon itself.

The housing at Delphe Knights Castle offers both the most efficient single and cumulative value when it comes to storage. These are the first houses you're going to want to pick up for storage. They're extremely easy to find, so you won't be bothered browsing through the housing nodes in this maze of a city. As I mentioned before, the rest of the housing is in Calpheon itself and it's really hectic as far as prerequisites go.Nodes are locations on the map.

Nodes can be activated by investing Contribution Points at the Node Manager. If two adjacent ones are activated the nodes become connected. Furthermore activating a node allows you to invest Energy into the node which in turn gives you bonuses in the node area such as more loot drops or higher resource numbers.

Activating a node is also necessary to automatically assign workers to gather resources from resource nodes and bring them back to the region's Warehouse. Certain Nodes not only have regular Resource Nodes attached to them but can have additional Hidden Nodes too. The latter become available at the Node Manager if one talks with the Node Manager and pays 35 Energy.

Afterwards they are unlocked for workers. Hidden Nodes offer special resource gathering for workers, like the excavation node at the Ancient Stone Chamber for Trace of Earth and Trace of Ascension. Another Hidden Node is at Lynch Farm. Location nodes have a Node Manager NPC which is used for navigating nodes and connecting them via contribution points.

Resource nodes are places you can send your workers to gather resource or make financial investments for you. Each resource node belongs to a location node. Before you can assign workers to a resource node its location node needs to be connected with a node where you have purchased lodging for a worker. Investment nodes can be found at Village nodes. City or Town nodes you visit are automatically activated without needing contribution points.

When connecting nodes it is best to start from Cities or Towns you have discovered then work your way out. Location Nodes that can be connected will have a white line from one to the other. Nodes that are currently connected will have a yellow line linking them together. To connect nodes you must first go in person!

To find the node manager you can right-click the node icon to set a pathfinder. This will open the map and show any location or resource nodes neighbored or belonging to the location node. If you activate a note that is neighboring already active nodes, they will be connected. This will refund your contribution points. In the case that you have invested energy to level up the node, withdrawl of contribution points will reset this.

You need to visit a Node Manager in person to activate it but you can withdraw from anywhere any node through the map - as long as it is not connected to two other nodes. Basically you can only withdraw from activated nodes on the outskirts of a node network. You can also further invest in a node using energy.

This will increase the nodes level. The higher the level, the more loot drops you will get from monsters in this area. Last Edited: 25 Jul am. Was this guide helpful? YES NO.

black desert online file location

In This Wiki Guide. Rated "T". Developer Pearl Abyss. Release Date March 3, MMO Zone. Black Desert Online. BDO Releases. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of True Member Rank. Updated Gift Mail fix set to 30 min and you will receive pearls.

Read-Me file is attached. This is the best "out of the box" repack IMO. Make sure as Biesmen said to check the files and make sure you understand how to "secure" your server if your hosting live. I will not support hosting a "LIVE server or help anyone set one up. Originally Posted by Biesmen. Guys, please check for certain IPs in the server files and backdoors.

There were a lot accusations of backdoors in the server files, and some of them are most likely true. Be careful and inspect the code. Last edited by DevilSpeak; at PM. Reason: Removed Dead Links.

Originally Posted by alaricky. Reason: Added useful information. I will reupload somewhere else when I get the chance thanks. Last edited by Tyrelis; at AM. Thanks Edit: My linux server couldn't extract the archive, but Windows did extract it. Last edited by jasdev; at PM. Super Mod Rank.

Sending false DMCA's is illegal and it is officially a crime also known as "copyfraud". If you report the false DMCA, they eventually ignore them in the future and the one who is doing these crimes might have an investigation on his butt. Sending a DMCA means you claim you are the owner of these files, which is stealing copyright and it is not taken lightly. You can try to claim a false DMCA.

Originally Posted by Mogsaw. Originally Posted by DevilSpeak. This is not my repack. Why are you posting the server files in my thread?In Black Desert, you can hire Workers to help gather materials for you from nodes you have connected.

Workers are shared across your family, rather than character-specific. At a larger city's work supervisor you can spend 5 energy to see a random available worker varying in race and quality. Refreshing the random selection costs 5 energy each time. Once you have found a worker you wish to hire, you spend a sum of silver ranging from 1, silver to 90, silver to hire the worker for use out of the city your purchased it in.

The worker can lodge anywhere in the region the city is in. As long as there is a node connection you can assign workers to work in other regions - but cannot move a worker's lodging to another region. That means his work efficiency will drop if he has to travel far between the place of his lodging and work place.

Certain NPC's can sell higher tier workers if you have gained enough Amity with them. The map has on the bottom right a button to open your worker management screen. It lists all workers belonging for the region selected on the map so switch between the maps regions to manage workers in different regions! You can fire workers through that menu if you chose so. To assign a worker to gather a resource and bring it back to the regions storage you need to unlock all connecting nodes between the work location and the worker's city of origin by spending contribution points.

You must also have spent contribution points on both the final location node and the resource node belonging to it.

black desert online file location

If you assign workers to a workshop they will take resources from storage, process it and put the resulting good back into storage - provided there are empty slots.

Worker can craft a wide array of items but which item depends on the type of workshop you assign them to. Once again all nodes between the lodging of a worker and the workshop have to be connected and they will only access the regional storage.

So having good A in storage at region X will not be accessible if the worker lives in region Y. The third option of jobs workers can perform is to send them to investment nodes with gold bullions in your storage in hopes that they bring back interest.

With this method, you will always be guaranteed that your investment will be returned in the least. This option is the longest single action for workers to perform in Black Desert. Worker consume Action Points from a limited pool they have.

When a worker runs out of Action Points, you can either use a food item to restore their points, or let them sit idle for a long period of time to recover. Conversely, you can fire the worker and just hire a new one. The worker management is located at the bottom right of the world map, or through the mining pick button located beneath your experience bars. Via the worker management, you can check their job progress, restore their Action Points, send them through an upgrade test, cancel their remaining work order, or fire them.

Upgrade tests are available to a worker once every 10 levels, with the chance to go up in quality by one level.Pearl Shop. GM Notes. Updates April 14, Update Details. Events Dreaming of the Big Catch! Events Ever Growing Login Rewards. Events Shiny Accessories from the World Bosses! Notices Presenting the Guest Pass Coupon! Recent Updates. Warrior Warrior is a skilled melee fighter that uses the sword and shield. He has a good balance between offense and defense. Ranger Ranger is a ranged class that attacks enemies from afar.

She keeps her targets at bay with her ranged attacks in fights. Sorceress Sorceress can effectively control the battlefield with dark magic by using both melee and ranged attacks. Berserker Berserker is vicious and wields monstrous double-axes to annihilate his enemies with ease. Tamer Tamer is Heilang's master. She can ride or command it to fight powerful enemies. Musa Musa uses a variety of oriental martial arts, focusing mainly on sword skills and his horn bow.

Maehwa Maehwa is trained in oriental swordsmanship and archery which allows her to flow like water and attack in succession. Valkyrie Valkyrie leads the charge on the battlefield with her sword and shield. She wields Elion's sacred powers in her skills. Kunoichi Kunoichi is an assassin that uses swords, martial arts, and Ninjutsu. Ninja Ninja is an assassin that uses swords, martial arts, and Ninjutsu. Wizard Wizard can control the forces of nature with his staff to obliterate enemies.

Black Desert Database 2.0

Witch Witches gain a firm grasp of magic at a young age. They use various elements as weapons to dispatch their enemies. Dark Knight Dark Knight wields the lethal but beautiful Kriegsmesser.

Striker Striker is a street brawler class that specializes in hand-to-hand combat. Mystic Mystic is trained in eastern martial arts and mastered hand-to-hand combat. Archer Archer is an agile ranged class that shoots enemies and dodges their attacks. Lahn Lahn has mastered her weapon, the Crescent Pendulum, which has a blade attached to the end of a rope. Shai Shai is a a support class that has both combat and buff abilities.

Guardian Guardian wields the Battle Axe and Shield, crushing her enemies with devastating heavy strikes. JobKey Model.

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